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Single Barrel Sleeves, size #2

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Single barrel sleeves of American Fishing Wire company (USA) have black color surface, they are ideal sleeves for self making fishing leaders from different leader wire materials, because they provide most reliable crimping. These sleeves made of brass, have thick wall, due to what after crimping leader wire reliable keeps inside the sleeve. You can use these sleeves for making your own leaders for fishing from different leader wires, such as Mako titanium, AFW 1x7, 1x19, 7x7 and others. These sleeves will provide you most reliable leader for fishing on pike and another fishes.

Dimensions of single barrel sleeves #2:
length: 5.94 mm (.234 in)
inner: 1.19 mm (.047 in)
outer: 1.93 mm (.076 in)

Recommendations to use:
Use single barrel sleeves size #2 for making leaders from next leader wires: Mako titanium 23 kg (50 lb); AFW 1x7 Surfstrand 18 kg (40 lb), 27 kg (60 lb); AFW 1x19 Surflon 12 kg (26 lb); AFW 7x7 Surflon 12 kg (26 lb).