«MAKO» Fishing Leaders - for pike and other toothy fish. Handmade.
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Mako Titanium Leaders, test 3.5 kg (8 lb), 2 pcs.

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Very thin titanium leaders Mako have diameter 0.20 mm (.008 in), test 3.5 kg (8 lb) for ultralight fishing on small lures. They made of special titanium alloy wire from Japan. These lightweight leaders have high strenght at small diameter, black oxide surface, are super elastic, corrosion proof, don't keep deformation. When you draw out a fish, this leader have property to stretch up to 8% of lenght without strength loss, so it can damps jerks of fish. Also it remains straight after the fish is drew out, doesn't keep deformation thanks to amazing properties of titanium leader wire.

These titanium leaders handmade knitted by special knots of Mako titanium leader wire without using of sleeves (it can make this lightweight leader much more heavier). This method of making the leaders provide their light weight, which is very important when you fish on small voblers. Equipped with easy to use duo lock snap and swivel.

Recommendations to use:
Thin titanium leader Mako test 3.5 kg (8 lb) is better to use at fishing on small voblers and spoons, and at micro jig fishing. If you fish on small lure and there is possibility to catch the pike, so it's better don't risk and use this thin titanium leader. It will keeps your lure from cutting and you will not loss your trophy.