«MAKO» Fishing Leaders - for pike and other toothy fish. Handmade.
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MAKO Titanium Leader Wire, 5 m (16.4 ft)

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Single strand titanium leader wire Mako made of perfect special titanium alloy from Japan. This is high strength wire with black oxide surface, super elastic, corrosion proof, lightweight, doesn't keep deformation, knottable. When you draw out a fish, this leader wire has property to stretch up to 8% of lenght without strength loss, so it can damps jerks of fish. Also it remains straight after the fish is drew out, doesn't keep deformation thanks to amazing properties of this titanium leader wire.

Advantages of Mako titanium leader wire:
- super elastic;
- corrosion proof;
- doesn't keep deformation;
- knottable;
- stretch up to 8% under load;
- lightweight;
- Japan quality.

Use Mako titanium leader wire for self making of fishing leaders for pike and other fishes.

Below is the table with recommended sizes of sleeves for self making of titanium fishing leaders. Single barrel sleeves you can also buy in our store.

Item code Test Diameter Length Recommended sizes of
single barrel sleeves
PT02 2.5 kg 0.15 mm 5 meters #0. Or use knots
PT04 4 kg 0.20 mm 5 meters
#0. Or use knots
PT06 6 kg 0.25 mm 5 meters
#0. Or use knots
PT09 9 kg 0.30 mm 5 meters
#0. Or use knots
PT12 12 kg 0.35 mm 5 meters
#1, #1L
PT23 23 kg 0.50 mm 5 meters