«MAKO» Fishing Leaders - for pike and other toothy fish. Handmade.
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About Us

«MAKO» is fishing tackle company which produces fishing leaders for pike and other toothy fish. All leaders handmade, made of best leader wires. We use AFW Surflon and Surfstrand wires (USA), Mako titanium leader wire (Japan) and fluorocarbon leader wire (European Union). Using of high quality AFW single barrel sleeves, crimped by special tool, guarantee reliable keeping of leader wire inside the sleeve. All our leaders equipped with easy to use duo lock snap and swivel.

Also we offer leader wire materials, sleeves, snaps and swivels for self making of fishing leaders.

All our products packed in retail packs and convenient to sell them in retail fishing stores, because all our leaders have price equal to each other. It's very convenient for retail sales.