«MAKO» Fishing Leaders - for pike and other toothy fish. Handmade.
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Mako Leaders 1x7, test 9 kg (20 lb), 4 pcs.

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Fishing leaders Mako 1x7 have diameter 0.28 mm (.011 in), test 9 kg (20 lb). These leaders have high strenght at small diameter, camouflaged brown surface, flexible, corrosion proof. These leaders handmade of AFW Surfstrand 1x7 leader wire from USA with using of high quality AFW single barrel sleeves, crimped by special tool, which guarantee reliable keeping of leader wire inside the sleeve. Equipped with easy to use duo lock snap and swivel.

Recommendations to use:
Fishing leader Mako 1x7 test 9 kg (20 lb) is better to use at fishing on voblers and spoons, jig and winter fishing. If you fish and there is possibility to catch the pike, so it's better don't risk and use Mako fishing leaders. It will keeps your lure from cutting and you will not loss your trophy.